Game Recognize Game: Candace Parker

by Esther Wallace

Game Recognize Game highlights some of the notable players and game changers who are fans of the Playa Society brand. These athletes, commentators, coaches, mentors, and otherwise daring women have been noted to wear some of our signature designs. 


Candace Parker Recognized in The Athlete T-shirt on KG Area 21

April 24, 2018


This wasn't CP's first journey into KG's Area 21. She's been here a handful of times to chat about the NBA, WNBA and all things basketball. But this time, she sported our signature Athlete T-shirt...

Candace also managed to spark a heated debate around Kevin Garnett's on-going argument over the "up-and-under" post move. Is it a travel?


Oh, since we're talking about traveling, you know Candace had to bring up James Harden...


Thanks for wearing your Playa Society t-shirt with confidence Candace Parker! You inspire us, and so many others to be persistent in the pursuit of greatness.


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