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We Are
Playa Society


Playa Society is on a mission to create sportswear that celebrates the toughness of Players, Game Changers, and Daring Women.

We aim to deliver practical apparel for women who love sports. As female athletes, we believe in using our platform to empower all women to be strong, confident, and relentless. Beyond sportswear, we are a community that plays hard and inspires others to do the same.


Each t-shirt we create is inspired by our teammates, coaches, competition, and mentors - women who dared to exceed expectations and live unapologetically. Our shirts are soft yet bold, and deliver a message that encourages women to be our best selves, in sports and in life. Our only expectation is that you wear them confidently and continue to pave the way for daring women of the future.

Playa Society - Gameday Sweatshirt - Game day

Project OriginallyYoung 

Before Playa Society, we were known as "OriginallyYoung Sportswear", a project that laid the foundation for a bigger vision that we have for the future - a brand that brings strong women together.

Playa Society was founded by Esther Wallace, a former athlete who played basketball in college and overseas. She is a designer and entrepreneur - motivated to influence the positive progression of women's sports.

Esther Wallace, Founder of Playa Society