We are proud to donate $2 from each Support Women's Sports T-shirt that you purchase to the

Our Commitment to Giving

At Playa Society, we are extreme advocates for women's sports.

We are committed to making an impact, so we partnered with the Women's Sports Foundation, which benefits girls and women across all sports. The Women's Sports Foundation is on a mission to create leaders by ensuring all girls access to sports; their programs and grants help make that possible. $2 from each Support Women's Sports T-shirt that you purchase in 2019 will be donated to this cause. 

The Power of Women's Sports

Sure, we love to play, and the other female athletes in our community do too! But there are more reasons to support, celebrate, and empower women in sports. Girls and women who play sports have higher levels of confidence and lower levels of depression, and confidence is key when it comes to achieving our goals. Women's sports help facilitate leadership and success, as 94% of women who hold c-suite level positions are reported to be former athletes. Women's sports also help foster opportunity, as high school girls who play sports are more likely to get higher grades and graduate compared to those who do not play sports. 

Although more girls are playing sports yearly, factors like social stigma, lack of access, safety, transportation issues, costs, and lack of positive role models are all challenges that contribute to girls dropping out of sports in their adolescent years. As current and former athletes, we believe it is our responsibility to help reduce these challenges. That starts by being the positive role models we needed when we were younger, and by wearing the title of female athlete proudly.

We challenge every female Athlete to be your best self + inspire others to do the same.

The Support Women's Sports T-shirtThe Support Women's Sports T-shirt