Players + Game Changers

by Esther Wallace

Play the Game to Change the Game

Their sports may be different, but their passion is a common ground. These players, coaches, trainers, and daring women are our brand ambassadors - here to push boundaries and inspire others to do the same. 



@catmacali  “...the Olympic trials are set to be in Southern California in 2020 and I plan to be there. And while this goal seems a little scary, and a little out of reach right now, I know that I can do anything I put my mind to.” 

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@styleofwhitneyalana  “For me playing sports is therapeutic. Sports have me a chance to be free and breather. Being active has always been my escape from the chaos of the world and an opportunity to reconnect with who ‘Whitney’ is.”

@allthatjazz9  “I competed in track & field and soccer during and after college; playing sports has taught me about work ethic, time management, and teamwork. I will forever be grateful for lessons I learned through training and competition.”

@katywinge  “Girls with dreams become women with vision - basketball made this a reality for me. It has given me confidence, purpose, and a platform. All the way through college, I played for me. Now I play and work for the girls of today that will become leaders of tomorrow.”

@doubledee_22  “Sports has allowed me to be inspired and to inspire. I’ve learned more about life from basketball than anything else could have ever taught me. Basketball has been the gateway to so many beautiful things in my life, whether that be people, places, or opportunities”

@heatherweiss19  “Volleyball has given me something to always keep working towards. It has given me a ‘why’ to everything I do and all the sacrifices I make”

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