About Playa Society

We exist to bridge the gap for women’s sports within society, through design and storytelling.

We exist to create “hype”, facilitate conversation, and build momentum with authenticity.

We believe in the power of representation and self-expression, so we use apparel as a canvas to establish identity and community.

We are athletes, influencers, creators, storytellers, designers, revolutionaries, and visionaries. We are Playa Society. 

Way back in 2018 we wanted to have a conversation about gender equality for women in sports. So we created the Female Athlete T-shirt, and facilitated discussions about representation and recognition. 

Now, we're creating more products that define women's sports culture, in an effort to elevate our community. 

Ultimately, we intend to consistently remind every woman, that there is no limit to what she can achieve.


Esther Wallace

PS. Founder + Designer

Esther Wallace is an artist, turned athlete, turned entrepreneur who created playa society in 2018.

A late basketball career, started at age 15, led Esther to questioning why she had grown up without exposure to women's sports. Why had she seen more images of Michael Jordan than of Lisa Leslie?

She launched playa society to redefine "female athlete" and to create the culture of women's sports that we deserve - rooted in hype + recognition.


Representation is Essential