Female Athlete Stories

Esther's Female Athlete Story

Name: Esther Wallace

College: Fairleigh Dickinson University

Sport: Basketball

Grad Year: 2012

Occupation: Founder + Designer of Playa Society Sportswear

Many people know by now that I started playing basketball when I was 15; fell in love with the game and it changed my life! I got to experience both success and failure on the court, which lead me to being the leader and entrepreneur that I am today; I got to travel the world and meet some phenomenal teammates along the way. But for a long time, the thought lingered in my mind, that things could've been different if I started playing at a younger age. And I realized that I would've played if I had seen more representation - more images of Lisa Leslie; more televised women's basketball games. That's why I went from coaching basketball to creating Playa Society Sportswear - to build a brand and a community for women in sports.